New long-term guaranteed death benefit IUL

Lincoln WealthPreserve® IUL with the Lincoln LifeAssureSM ABR

Ideal for clients ages 35–55 who want valuable guaranteed protection with flexibility for life’s changing needs

Guaranteed protection

  • Guaranteed death benefit for up to 40 years or to age 90 (whichever comes first)1
  • 8.75% guaranteed minimum cap for 10 years
  • Guaranteed positive interest crediting with 1% floor
  • A legacy asset that transfers to your beneficiaries income tax-free


  • An easy way to catch up on premiums and maintain your no-lapse guarantee
  • Optional riders for chronic care and terminal illness coverage
    • Lincoln LifeAssureSM — no upfront cost2
    • Lincoln LifeEnhance® ABR


  • Simple product design that’s easy to understand and explain
  • Single index account tied to S&P 5003, the most common index

1 Minimum premium requirement must be met to maintain the Extended No-Lapse Minimum Premium Rider. Only available with death benefit option 1 and maximum issue age of 79.

2 There is no charge for this rider, however benefit payments will be discounted upon acceleration for early payment of benefits and an administrative fee will be deducted.

3 Excluding dividends.

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