Lincoln makes life simple
for you and your clients

Strategies to simplify life

As their lives unfold, clients rely on you to help them achieve financial goals. We have strategies and solutions designed to meet their needs. Whether it’s protection for their business, affordable coverage for their growing family, or a tax-efficient way to supplement their retirement income, look to Lincoln. We simplify life for you and your clients because we’re focused on delivering the solutions which meet their financial needs.

The opportunity

Clients buy life insurance when they realize what it can do for them. Studies show that when advisors enlighten their clients about how life insurance can help them reach their financial goals, it significantly increases their consideration to purchase coverage.*

*“Life Insurance Consumer Segmentation Study,” Whitman Insight Strategies, 2016.

Create client interest

Help your clients understand the valuable role life insurance can play in their portfolios. Use these tools to show them how life insurance can help them accomplish their objectives as their lives evolve, and why now is the best time to purchase coverage.

Share these videos with your clients

“Why life?”
client video

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“Now’s the time“
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Give your clients this guide

“Get more out of life”

Use these interactive calculators to help your clients do the math

Start the conversation

Many times clients don’t know they have a need for life insurance, or they may not realize there are policies that can help them meet their financial goals. To open up a discussion with your clients about their needs, click here for the Advisor Playbook to help start your client conversation.

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